Saturday, February 23, 2013

Criss Cross makes me want to jump

After three (very long) weeks of having these two projects sitting in my basket, waiting on the perfect buttons and a surge of motivation, I have finally finished two pairs of...

Criss Cross Baby Ankle Boots!

These boots are inspired by Mon Petit Violon's Polka Dot Mary Baby Mary Janes, for which the pattern is available in her Etsy shop. Like all of her patterns, I love these high top Mary Janes, and I made a pair last year while on vacation:

However, I wanted to combine the idea of the criss cross in these Mary Janes with an ankle boot. I didn't want it to be too tall, so I made a short ankle and I closed the boot on the bridge of the foot.

I made a pair in grey (with a charcoal button) and a pair in pistachio green (with an amazingly mustardy yellow wooden button!):

My bestest crochet friend M. threw around button ideas with me, and I found these amazing charcoal buttons at her suggestion! Then I looked around in my stash and decided on the mustard yellows for the green pair after holding a button debate session at last night's Madrid Knits! yarn circle.

They are both live on my Etsy shop. The green pair is here and the grey pair is here. I am in love with this design!

I modified the design slightly between each pair, placing the criss cross higher up on the grey pair than on the green pair. I'm still not sure which I like better. What do you think?

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